Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets

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Finger puppets are excellent for storytelling and role-playing, they develop the child's speech and fine motor skills as well as creative abilities. They are ideal for close contact and interaction between parents and children.


The set contains:

Piggy, goose, cat, rabbit, sheep and chick.


    These felt animals are so easy to use: You only have to put two fingers through the holes and use them as legs or hands.



    The height of each figure is about 10 cm, so you can take it anywhere to entertain your child.It fits both adults and children. If necessary, holes can be enlarged with scissors, the felt is soft and easy to cut.



    High quality felt with embroideries. Please note that the figures are only embroidered on the front, not on the back.



    Adults supervision recommended if used for children under 1 year.